Summer Fun and Looking Forward to Fall

Tedd built some very impressive built-in bookshelves for his momma. We were all so proud! Ian wanted in on the action.
A Gender Reveal Party of sorts.  Under one of those dollops of whipped cream is either a strawberry (for girl) or a blueberry (for boy).  Whoever gets the fruit has to yell out, "It's a...!!"  Of course, it was a strawberry!
Sleepy beach baby - nothing like snuggling next to the ocean!!
Whew!  It's been a full summer mixed with work and play.  We had a wonderful time with our families, relaxing on two different sides of the country - the Northeastern Shore and the Gulf of Mexico - but I'm glad to be back home now, preparing for Fall.

I adore Fall.  It's when I fell in love with Tedd.  It's the crisp cool air, the spices, the colors, the hoodies and bonfires, and now a baby to add to all that nostalgia!  So many things to be thankful for this coming season.  But while it's still 90+ degrees here in Arkansas, I'm staying inside as I anticipate my beloved season, and I'm keeping myself busy with mommy tasks and a whirlwind of organizational efforts.

The Queen is really coming along, thanks to God, and thanks to my hard-working husband, so I'm finally at a stage where I can start furnishing and putting things away.  But, boy, is it a process!  I had NO idea how HARD home renovation would be.  It is not something I would recommend to a friend, though it's rewarding now on this end of things; it has been a roller-coaster of emotions for me and the workload of "normal life" seems to quadruple for a few years until you're "finished."  (I say "finished" because is a home owner ever truly "finished?")

But I'm breathing.  I'm a ripe fruit (now 26 weeks).  I'm chipping away at long-awaited tasks.  I'm feeling wonderful. 


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