DIY: Powder Pouch

I had never heard of such a thing until I was looking through an upscale kids' catalog and found this little pouch full of powder that claimed to make sand fall right off of your little one at the beach.

Really??  I did a little googling and found that baby powder removes moisture from the sand that's sticking to your baby and it will simply fall off.  Sweet!  Apparently, this is an old old trick for surfers and beach-goers.

So, bottom line: Does it really work?  Yes!  I used it on Ian this summer at the beach and it worked perfectly.  Now is it always worth it?  Nah.  'Cause they go right back to the sand.  But it was ideal for snack time and diaper changing.

So you can just take a bottle of baby powder along with you to the beach or you can make a cute little pouch to use as a sort of pouf.  I did the latter because I wanted mine to be like the cool pouch I'd seen in the catalog.  Next time I'll be sensible and just bring the bottle of powder, but if you want a poufy powder pouch like I did...

here's a little tutorial (yeah, I know, I know - it's September, but better late than never!  Pin it or something for next year ;)

(this took me about 20 minutes and I'm a novice with the sewing machine)

You'll Need:
Scissors & Sewing Machine
Cotton Fabric Remnants
Ziploc Bag
Baby Powder 
(you may want to google about baby powder to make sure yours is up-to-date with safety standards)

Cut out two equal pieces of cotton fabric into squares that are about the size of your Ziploc

Place the two pieces of fabric together, right sides facing each other, and sew around three of the four edges, leaving one edge open.

Turn your little pouch inside-out so that the right sides are facing out (above photo), and carefully, slowly, pour the baby powder into the pouch.

I put the pouch inside the Ziploc bag at this point so that it wouldn't get all over my machine while I sewed the remaining edge.
Double-fold the remaining "open" edge and pull it out of the Ziploc just enough so that it's exposed (as seen above).  Then sew right across the folded edge to seal the pouch.  I did two rows.  If you're fancy and good with a machine, you could sew in a zipper before adding baby powder, and your pouch will be re-usable.

And you're done!  Store it in the Ziploc and place it in your beach bag!


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