Dresser = Changing Table

One element that I really wanted in our next nursery, or maybe I should say "kids room," was a dresser/changing table combo.  Tedd felt strongly about having a changing table again because apparently when you're 6-foot-2, it's no fun bending over the bed to change a baby -- who knew?

We're also a little desperate for storage space since we don't have many closets in this old house; the large dresser idea really appealed to me.  

I was first inspired by good ole Pinterest and a friend on Facebook whose nursery stole my heart...

Take a look at these 10 fabulous dressers-turned-changing-tables:
this entire nursery is amazing, but I especially love the look of that dresser! 

a nice before and after
lime green with painted knobs
My friend's painted changing table for her little Annie
now that is bold and look at all that storage!
great color!

Check out the adorable number knobs!
Another stunning nursery
simple white
hot pink with some nice detail
Which look is your favorite?  

Soon I'll show you our own dresser DIY project!


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