The Home Stretch - 3rd Trimester!

It's been a special weekend for ringing in our third trimester with baby Nora.  

First of all, I went to an auction Friday night and won a beautiful antique dresser that I had been looking for all over!  I really had my heart set on a French Provincial style dresser, but couldn't find one anywhere - except, of course, on ebay for hundreds of dollars, but I was looking for a bargain, and that's why I love the Greenwood Auction!  I couldn't believe they had exactly what I'd been looking for, and I won it for a small fraction of its worth.  (Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of it yet, but I'll show you soon).  I went with a friend and we had a blast - it was like girls' night out!

Secondly, I made it out to the Growing Kids Sale to stock up on winter clothing for our little girl.  I got dozens of outfits for a steal on their half-price day.  It felt very surreal to be in the baby girls section.  "Am I seriously shopping for girls' clothing?" I thought.
My loot!
Thirdly, I had an experience I wasn't anticipating - a moment of grief over the loss of my dream to have a natural birth at home.  All this time I'd been accepting the inevitable likelihood of a scheduled c-section with Nora (because of my history of Cholestasis and an emergency c-section w/ Ian), but I still had some baggage left over from my experience in the hands of America's flawed birthing system.  It was healing, though, to cry it out a little and surrender my regrets and disappointments once again to the Lord.  While this sounds like a negative experience, I consider it a pretty positive one because of the opportunity to sort out and deal with my buried emotions.  
28 weeks! (Gained 20lbs already)
I am getting incredibly excited about the arrival of our second child.  I still can't wrap my brain around it; we're having another one!  I'm really ready to meet her in person.  Until then, I'm enjoying the thrill of pregnancy and the sense of joy and thankfulness that comes with it.


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