Visiting Our Alma Mater

Weren't we just in college?

It often feels to me like we're still college-aged kids, but when we took a little spontaneous trip back to our old stomping grounds, Arkansas Tech University, we realized that we've officially moved on to the next demographic group.
A spontaneous family outing
We also felt a little jealous of all the really cool improvements that have gone on in the past 5+ years.  Tedd's old dorm was torn down, and where it once stood is a brand-spankin'-new dorm with all the bells and whistles.  A bell tower, more sidewalks, great landscaping, another really nice dorm, and a state-of-the-art commons area are among the other new improvements.
In front of the new "bell tower"
My biggest sore spot?  They have a Chick-fil-A on campus now, just about a 30-second walk from the dorm where I stayed.  Ouch.  Well, maybe it's a good thing, or my "Freshman 15" would have been more like a "Freshman 50."  Still.  Chick-fil-A?!  I had a meal plan on scholarship, so eating on campus was "paid for;" can I go back to college??
"Baz Tech" - the new commons area, complete with a Chick-fil-A & a Starbucks! Wha?
We had a blast looking around and reminiscing a bit.  Ian had a chance to stretch his legs and we stopped to listen to the drum line practice for an upcoming game.  We found the tree under which Tedd proposed to me the summer after he graduated.  The bench was gone, but the tree still stands.
"Our Tree" - there on the left - where Tedd proposed to me 6 years ago.  The landscaping and the building behind were non-existent at the time.
It was fun, ATU.  Thanks for the memories! (oh, and the education! yeah, that too).


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