A Chalkboard from An Old Mirror

I'm probably the one millionth person to have done this type of project, but it's still worth sharing!  Chalkboard paint is just fabulous!

It started with this cool old mirror I bought at Savers for about $6.

(There's Ian - apple in one hand, screwdriver in the other - always eager to help when there are "dools" involved).

First "we" (Ian & I) flipped it over and unscrewed the backing off of the mirror.  Once that was off, the mirror slipped right out.
I was left with two separate pieces to paint - the frame and the mirror.

I used a can of white primer and then a can of black chalkboard paint for this project.  Krylon.
The frame gets a good coat of primer, as well as the mirror.

Ian "paints" a post (with water) in another part of the yard while I'm working on my project.

Then the mirror gets about two/three even coats of the chalkboard paint.  Easy peasy.

After it all dried, I put the pieces back together and voila!  

The frame is only white primer for now, but it looks great as is!  Unlike the magnetic Krylon paint I used a couple of years ago, I was very pleased with Krylon's chalkboard paint; it works great!

Eventually, I think this gal may find her way into the nursery and get a coat of raspberry pink!


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