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Nora's Birth Story

NOVEMBER 20th, 2012 (38.5 weeks pregnant)

Just a note that this is a birth story, so I get into a little detail about birth-related things that may be "TMI" for some folks.  You've been fairly warned :)

7:30AM Woke up with uncomfortable and regular contractions, plus an achey back and crampiness.  I asked Tedd to watch Ian so I could sleep some more.  He lovingly agreed :)
10:30AM Awoke to the sounds of Ian's laughter echoing from downstairs; he was playing around with his Daddy. 
Having more painful contractions and they were getting close together and consistent.  I still wasn't convinced that I could actually be in labor.  (Nora wasn't due until the 30th, and despite my intuition that she would come early, I didn't want to get excited too soon about the contractions).
10:50AM Called my Grammy.  I told her how I was feeling and she said she thought it sounded like today was the day.  We had plans to get together that afternoon for a "Grammy Day" w…

Cleaning A Microsuede Chair

I didn't come up with this.  In fact, it was something I "pinned" on Pinterest because I'd just bought a great microsuede rocking chair through Craigslist and it really needed to be cleaned; there were water stains and pen marks to be dealt with.
Check this out!  I didn't do any Photoshop magic on this photo whatsoever - I only brightened the pics.  The big scribbly pen mark in the photo on the left is gone!  The photo to the right is the same spot on the cushion after following Chris & Robin's Nest Blog tutorial.  I just had to share this with you because it really works!!

The water stains were quite a bit trickier, as the rubbing alcohol removed the dingy part of the stain, but the outer ring was still faintly detectable.  I just let it dry and sprayed it a second time, this time saturating the edges of the ring a bit more and really pressing hard around the edges, and that helped a lot.  Once it dried, you really couldn't see it any more unless y…

Nora's Dresser Changing Table

'Kicking myself for not getting a before photo, but this is our painted dresser that we plan to double as a changing table for babe #2.

I'm lovin' the blue with the original dark handles.  Ian and Nora will eventually share this room, so we've got more of a boy-friendly color scheme, while adding some little frills and curves here and there to bring in a little bit of girly-ness for Nora.  Part of that girly touch is right here in this curvy dresser with the frilly handles.

There's just no way we'll finish this room before Nora arrives; we've just got too much on our plates. So, I'd really like to wait and share pictures when we've got a closer-to-finished room, and that's just gonna take a few more months.  In the meantime, I'll share little snapshots as we make progress.

I'm really focusing less on this room as a "nursery" and working more toward the goal of a combined boy/girl room since the baby won't really being sh…

Full Term, Baby!

Well, we're 37 weeks along.  I'm already 2cm dilated which is pretty cool, and I've got this gut feeling she's coming early, but we shall see!
Tedd and I have been working on all kinds of projects, as they are never-ever-ending around here at "The Queen," in order to get as much done as possible before Nora's arrival.  My main projects are baby-related when there's time, such as freezer meals and finishing up the kids' room.  Lately it's been ruffly curtains on the list.  Whew.  I'm not a seamstress, so it takes everything in me to get motivated and finish - but I'm loving the results!!

I'll show you some nursery sneak peeks very soon, including that painted dresser I talked up last month.

Let the countdown begin!!