Milk Crate Bookshelves

Hi Blog Friends!  It looks like I haven't written to you since I wrote about the VBAC birth of our second-born in November.  I don't plan to make a habit of not writing for months at a time, as I really enjoy writing and blogging, but wow, does anyone know that it's tough to take care of two under two and do much else???

Motherhood is teaching me so much about life and about myself, and creating new opportunities to truly depend on God.  It's the most challenging and rewarding task I've ever undertaken, and wow, it's for a lifetime!

Anyway, rather than writing a long catch-up post, I'm going to jump right in with the random goings-on around here, starting with this fun set of bookshelves made of antique milk crates!

This idea came to mind as I sat in the kids' room wondering how I could get all those books up off the floor and onto the wall.  The room's style was getting more and more eclectic as each piece was introduced, and I didn't have any metal pieces in there yet, so the first thing that came to mind were those cool old milk crates that I'd see from time to time at antique stores.

It was destiny, because stacked in a corner of a little antiques store booth one day (I rushed in after a doctor's visit; 15 minutes of freedom - go!), there were 6 identical metal milk crates.  They were just the right size and style I was looking for; they didn't have the milk bottle rings in the bottom, but were open instead.

My husband used drywall screws and screwed them in various places, being sure to have a stud behind each "shelf" so they could take the weight.  I reeeeally like how they turned out!!  

So that's my little share for the day (or week?) (month? hope not!)  See y'all real soon.  Oh, but just one more photo...
Little Nora is 2 months!  I just LOVE this girl!


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