Interviewing Our 2-Year-Old

What can I say that's unique from any other mother's statement of love toward her first-born son on his birthday?  He was my first baby. He changed my life. I've never known such joy. I still can't believe I'm a mother. 

He's already two?!  Please stop growing up, Baby Boy!  

But, hey, every new week that passes is a blast with you, so go on ahead and grow, Son; I can't wait to see what you become and to watch how you get there.  

My mother-in-law was reminding me of a cool experiment that you can do with your child when he/she has some communication skills, and that is to ask him "what was it like to be born?"  The key is to ask while they are still very young to see if you get a profound answer.  I decided tonight, while Ian was in a perfectly charming mood, to pop the question.  I decided to interview him all-together because I get such a kick out of the things he says. For example, today he squealed with delight at his daddy - "Daddy, we 'pankin' dose 'piders! (We were swatting flies, which he calls "spiders"). 

Ian, what's your favorite color?  Which one do you like SO much?
Uuummm...dis owange (he's eating oranges)
You like orange?  
Which is your favorite?  Do you like orange, red, blue, purple, yellow?
No.  Just owange, Mommy.

What does Daddy do for work?
Daddy sing to Nowa...con the guitawr. ("con" is Spanish for "with)
(he starts to sing a made-up song, which is unintelligible to me)
...and Nowa fall asyeep and Ian wake up Nowa.

Uh-oh.  No water in my cup, Mommy.  
Oops, you're right.  I'll fill it up for you.
Oh, shantz you, Mommy! (that's "thank you") 

What does Mommy do for work? 
Getting Nowa.
What else?
Mommy get a car.  (then he goes on to talk about how I pulled out a stuck motorcycle...something that never happened, though we did watch a fella take a few tries a backing out his motorcycle today).
Okay, what else?
Cutting.  And cutting wood.

Uh-oh, my have an owie in the bathtub and Ian cwy for Daddy and Ian syip.  (he slipped in the shower the other night with his daddy - a random story he wanted to remind me of).

(this story was then quickly interrupted by a fly...)
Dat 'pider (spider, which is actually fly) get on Nora sock and on your head.

(After discussing the fly topic...)
So what does Mommy do all day?
Cut wood.  And walk.  And you work.

I don't cut wood, Daddy does that.
Ian use the yittle big axe and "hi-yah!" dat wood.  Ian get in da house and chop wood.

Ian, who loves you?
Gan-pop and Anya and Daddy and Nowa and Nonni and Papa Adam.  And Nonni, and Daddy, and Mommy and DADDY!

What do you like to play?  When you play, what do you do?

How do you play cars?
Yike dat!  (showing me with his tractor).

What are you doing with that car?
Wacing (racing) dat car.  Con da twactor. (again, "con"="with")

What happened when you were born?
(Starts to whine) Uh-oh! My body hurt!  (I kid you not).

(Then he starts to talk about the Tupperware he wants to play with).

Ian, when you grow up - when you're big like Daddy - what will you do all day?
Um.  Wide a car.

When Nora gets big like Mommy, what will she do all day long?
Um.  Pyay (play) & Wun.

What makes you SO happy?
Mommy. (faint. please say that when you're 30??  okay, don't.)

At this point he was pretty distracted by some silly putty, so I ended it there. What fun I had though!  

Happy Birthday, little guy.  You're fantastic!


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