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DIY Coconut Butter

Recently on Facebook, I posted the following photo with some cheesy status about how I'm crazy for coconut butter. 
The only thing I'm not so crazy about is the price sticker on this jar of liquid gold.  So for kicks I googled "DIY Coconut Butter" and sho'nuf there it was!  Tedd found a bag of "Coconut Powder" at an Indian grocery store for $7.  

So I tossed it in the food processor until it magically turned to butter, but after leaving it on for several minutes, it was still quite chunky, so I tossed it into our heavy-duty Kitchenaid blender and set it on "liquefy" for a few minutes.  

All that processing and blending made it hot!  But alas, there it was!  Coconut Butter!
It yielded 30+ ounces of coconut butter!  For $7!!  The 16oz jar from the store cost about $11.  I feel so proud I made it myself, and even prouder that it saved me a lot of money, and even prouder-er that it was so easy.
Here's my cute second-born, playing while the bu…