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Updates on "The Queen" in Two Thousand Thirteeeen!

So it's been a good long while since I've given any updates on our old Victorian home.  I have several excuses, some good, some lame, but I won't bore you with those.
One reason I will share, however, is that I've been avoiding showing you the in-between stuff because the rooms are sooo close - close enough to ruin a true "after" shot, because they're not finished enough to properly represent the "after."  Does that make sense?  What did I just type?  I'm distracted.  There are cookies in the oven.

Anyway, I'll show you some important details, and I'll keep holding off on the fun "before and after" post until I really feel like I've reached a stopping point with each room - which could take years.  Yikes!  Hope not!  (but, seriously.  it really could.)

So, now, how about I fill you in on all the exciting things progressing around the Queen?  These lists are in no way exhaustive (the work was exhaustive); they're j…