August 1, 2013

Updates on "The Queen" in Two Thousand Thirteeeen!

So it's been a good long while since I've given any updates on our old Victorian home.  I have several excuses, some good, some lame, but I won't bore you with those.

One reason I will share, however, is that I've been avoiding showing you the in-between stuff because the rooms are sooo close - close enough to ruin a true "after" shot, because they're not finished enough to properly represent the "after."  Does that make sense?  What did I just type?  I'm distracted.  There are cookies in the oven.

Anyway, I'll show you some important details, and I'll keep holding off on the fun "before and after" post until I really feel like I've reached a stopping point with each room - which could take years.  Yikes!  Hope not!  (but, seriously.  it really could.)

So, now, how about I fill you in on all the exciting things progressing around the Queen?  These lists are in no way exhaustive (the work was exhaustive); they're just to give you an idea of what's been happening recently.  You can see some of the major changes along the way at this link.

Ready??  OKAY!  (Just reminiscing on my pee-wee cheerleading days)

  • A pot rack installed.
  • Farmhouse sink to replace the stainless steel bowl.
  • More trim hung, notably the trim around the doorways.
  • A backsplash behind the stoves.
  • The antique wood stove was installed, and it works!
Now this is fun.  This is what our kitchen looked like when we purchased the house in 2009.  We've come such a long long way since then.  Sheetrock, doors, new plumbing, updated electric, tiled floors, custom-built cabinets, paint, trim, you name it.
And after!  (Mostly). This is the kitchen from the same angle that was taken in the above photo.
Here's the backsplash and pot-filler.
((The dent in that vent hood took about $1,000 off of the original price, so we don't mind it a bit!))
Appliances = Craigslist.
Our kitchen sink area before, when we were re-doing the plumbing.
The sink area after.  Yessssss.
And the wood-burning stove was finally installed, and working!  Tedd loves the old-fashioned satisfaction he gets when chopping wood.  I'm glad.

Dining Room:
  • Trim and walls patched & painted
  • Ceiling repaired and painted
  • Furniture! 
During some of the major renovations on the inside of the house, the dining room became the workshop.  See the layer of sawdust on the floor?!  Just the clean-up on this room alone was a project.  
When this room was finished, it was the signal of the end in sight because the "temporary workshop" was no longer needed.  Ruffled drop-cloth curtains were made for the windows and we were finally able to use our inherited dining room furniture (from Tedd's grandmother).  We were thrilled to find a near-exact matching table at an auction so that we could join them together to fill the long dining area.  Thanksgiving feast anyone?
  • "Hanging Bed" built and installed
  • Aqua painted floors
  • Rug
  • Painted armoire
  • Hanging hammock chair 
  • Curtains
Almost the exact same view of the sunroom, here "before," and below "after."
Several windows were repaired to work on their weight/balance system again, curtains were added (even since this photo was taken), a hanging bed installed (built by hubby - way to go, TT!), the ceiling was "re-rocked" for a smooth finish (and a small vaulted area), and the whole room patched and painted.  Below you can see the aqua paint on the wood floor that was sanded.  We couldn't get all the glue off of the wood in this room because the boards are pretty uneven, so it worked out perfectly to paint it.  I love it!  ((I think the color is "Swimming Pool" by Behr.))

The hammock chair; we brought it home from Nicaragua when we lived there in 2010.  So nice to have a piece of our past mixing with our future.
These "curtains" are hemmed drop-cloths from Harbor Freight, making them a very economical choice for the extensive amount of window coverage.  I lined them with white king-size bed sheets that I bought for about $2/each at a thrift store.  They are hung on metal pipes that were also purchased at a hardware store (a mere fraction of the cost of a running curtain rod) and spray painted with oil-rubbed bronze paint.

  • Lattice installed under porch
  • Porch & balcony repairs made: rotted post, flooring, and railings
  • Rotted trim replaced
  • Exterior paint in progress
To give you an idea, this is the exterior of the house when we bought it in 2009.  Here it's getting a new roof.  You can see the lattice under the porch is falling apart, the paint is pretty hideous, and you can't see all the rotted trim and porch post, but it's there.
Here's the paint in progress.  Notice again the lattice, or lack thereof.  This is also a good photo to notice the balcony before.
We were so thrilled when my uncle (who is truly an artist) turned this post from a cedar beam so that it would match the other posts on our porch.  Having been built in 1895, we had no hope of finding a match.  He used a giant lathe and went off of a photo!  So thankful!
Railings, trim, post, and flooring being repaired.

New post installed!
And there's still more to go in regards to the exterior, but here you see the new paint colors (now only lacking some detail work on the porch and windows), the repaired porch lattice, the balcony repaired, and the porch post and railings, etc.

The eclectic "kids' room" is just about finished.  I can't wait to post about all the details in this room - my favorite room in the whole house!
Craigslisted fireplace mantel (sans mirror in this photo) fit like a glove over the previously-naked fireplace in the bedroom.

Yet another Craigslist find, a parlor grand piano, sold for a fraction because of its wear and tear (we like to call it "character").  It came out of a school in the northeast and sounds beautiful. 
 Tedd is a gifted piano player (I'm super biased) and our home is now full of music each day, echoing through the wooden foyer, up the stairs, and into the hallways & rooms.  
Tedd is building a custom bed for our bedroom.  Would you believe that when this home renovation began, he didn't have much experience with carpentry??

Farmhouse sink (yes, Craigslist).  This is definitely one of my favorite details in the entire house.   My mother-in-law has one and I fell in love with it.  (What, your husband doesn't wear checkered pajama pants with camo?)

And that about sums up the latest improvements.  I know I've left out numerous projects, but if I were to tell of them all, I'd be stuck on the computer for days.  I get such a sense of satisfaction seeing how far we've come.  The work makes our home that much homier! 
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