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Blog Vacation - See You in 2014!

Well it's pretty obvious that I've been on a bit of a "blog vacation," though it wasn't intentional.  I've been in India with my little family for 4 months now and for different reasons (specifically very slow internet), blogging hasn't been very feasible.

So, I decided to make my unintentional time away from this blog more official:  I'm taking a "blog vacation."  There.  That feels less slacker-ish of me.  Now I'm neglecting my blog on purpose.  I meant to do that.
Now four months in India, away from my normal schedules and responsibilities at home (which can get chaotic at times - I'm American), has given me a unique opportunity to slow down.  I think about things a lot when life slows down.

This season of my life has been really special, actually.  I've written a personal mission statement (thanks, Kat Lee), I've read twenty+ books on parenting and homemaking, and I've been redirecting my priorities.  I spend more ti…