Blog Vacation - See You in 2014!

Well it's pretty obvious that I've been on a bit of a "blog vacation," though it wasn't intentional.  I've been in India with my little family for 4 months now and for different reasons (specifically very slow internet), blogging hasn't been very feasible.

So, I decided to make my unintentional time away from this blog more official:  I'm taking a "blog vacation."  There.  That feels less slacker-ish of me.  Now I'm neglecting my blog on purpose.  I meant to do that.
Some kissy selfies in the Himalayas
Now four months in India, away from my normal schedules and responsibilities at home (which can get chaotic at times - I'm American), has given me a unique opportunity to slow down.  I think about things a lot when life slows down.

This season of my life has been really special, actually.  I've written a personal mission statement (thanks, Kat Lee), I've read twenty+ books on parenting and homemaking, and I've been redirecting my priorities.  I spend more time in Bible-reading and prayer.  I'm trying to weed out good dreams that are inhibiting my best dreams.  I'm looking to figure out how to make my family a serious priority while our babies are babies, and still balance a few other meaningful parts of my life.

There are only so many hours in the day, and unfortunately I'm not very good at allotting many of them to sleeping, due to my zeal for productivity (and, admittedly, some poor time management).  Now I'm pushing the "reset" button and planning to let some things go.

My point?  I'm thinking and praying about how this blog fits in.  I thought about letting go of it many times, but I keep coming back to it, feeling motivated to keep writing and to keep sharing.

So I think I'll be back in 2014.  I think I'll have more direction and more vision for my blog if I do indeed decide to make it one of those worth-while commitments.

How about you?  What are some of those "extra" things you make time for, outside of your A-circle priorities, that help you to thrive, and are even worth the effort during busy seasons?  Blogging might be one of those for me.

See you in January??

And for those of you who take time to read my blog.  That's just so cool.  Thanks for that!  You make blogging so much fun.  Please get in touch with me and let me know who you are (send me links to your blogs, too)!  I love getting your comments and e-mails!


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