5 of My New Year’s Goals

Ahhh…the fresh feeling of a fresh start that comes with a new year is invigorating.  It’s a feeling of hope, determination, and resolve. 

While I love the idea of resolutions and setting goals each new year, I’m also a bit of a realist, and the realistic side of me says “don’t make resolutions; that’s a set-up for discouragement.  Instead, think of your improvements and met goals as bonus points.”

Well this year, I’m feeling ambitious (as always), but I’m also feeling courageous and organized, and I’m going to write some of my goals out on paper.  I’m trying to break my goals down into manageable steps as well so that they’re accomplishable. 

Here are 5 goals I have for 2014:
  • Read 100 Library Books to My Children (or at least to my toddler, since Nora is still more interested in eating the books than reading them)
  • Publish a Blog Post Weekly (for 6 months)
  • Create a Weekly Menu Plan (to save $$ on groceries and avoid mealtime stress)
  • Host an “Intentional Christian Motherhood” Group in my Home this Spring
  • Finish My Bible Reading Plan (on time

Some other goals I have are not listed here, but are written on my heart and may come to pass in time; others are the same each year, like “be punctual,” “get more sleep,” “pray more,” “floss regularly,” and “get to all those DIY projects,” but I know that I’m just a human and I’m limited just like the rest of you.  (Unless you’re one of those perfect people). 

For every 3 great things I accomplish, it seems I’ve neglected another 10.  But that’s life, really.  We take steps forward and plateau, we sometimes backslide, we sometimes reach mountaintops to find that there are greater mountains ahead.  But we’re all on the journey toward “Better,” and by God’s grace, we’re given a new year.  So Happy New Year to you and may 2014 bring healing amidst hurts, hope and new beginnings, successes, learning amidst trials, health, peace amidst sufferings, wisdom, courage, and a thirst for Truth.

- Em


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