Announcing a New Blog Series: “Intentional Christian Motherhood”

Intentional.  That’s a word that continually comes to mind when I think about my role as a mother and how I can reach my maximum potential.  I want to be a mom on purpose – with intentions of training, coaching, teaching, disciplining, and nurturing. 

In the Christian faith, motherhood is a sacred role, and I desperately want to avoid the “default” mode of my human nature, which risks the sacrifice of my children to the gods of laziness, busyness, selfish ambitions, materialism, time-drainers like Facebook and Pinterest, or even the self-glorifying pursuit of becoming a “supermom.”  I want to be present.  Intentional. Purposeful.  Christ-focused. I need grace to do it.

And I know I’m not the only one. 

At the beginning of 2013, I had “two under two.”  My desire to become a better mom, and the practical and emotional challenges I faced with having another infant and a budding toddler had me hitting the books.  I read over a dozen books on motherhood (usually while nursing my baby) and I was feeling so inspired, encouraged, and guided to become the mother that God created me to be.

As I read so many wonderful books and articles, I kept thinking, “this is such great stuff! I HAVE to share this with my friends!”  So after a while, that little seed took root and I stepped out there and asked a bunch of ladies if they’d join me in a group setting to talk about “Intentional Christian Motherhood,” based on some of the readings I’d been doing and would like to share with them.  And to my great joy, a bunch of them said “yes!”  Despite my insecurities in starting a group like this, I feel a strong inner drive to move forward and give it my best.

So here I am.  I’m doing it, even though it’s a little scary for me.  I’m committing to share 12 weekly articles full of discussion topics and good mom-encouraging links with hopes that y’all, and my pals here at home, might glean something that will sharpen, inspire, breathe-hope-into, and challenge you to be more of the mom that God has designed you to be for His glory.

The first post launches February 5th, and I’ll soon announce a Facebook Group that you can join so that we can all be a part of the discussions to spur one another on! 

Subscribe (top-right) by e-mail to read along each week into the different topics we’ll cover, including: how to bear spiritual fruit in motherhood, comparing ourselves, productivity, creating peaceful homes, being a counter-cultural mom, what distracts you from your family, finding contentment, and many others!  Will you join me?

- Em


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