Blueberry & Coconut French Toast

Good Morning!  Hungry?  How about some Blueberry French Toast w/ some Coconut?

Sounds fancy-schmancy perhaps, but it was what I whipped up for breakfast yesterday morn so the rascals would have something "to go," and my hubs could have a legit breakfast after we went running out the door.

I'm in a stage of life where I have no time to record exact measurements, but it went somethin' like this:

Start with Whole Wheat Bread Slices

Soak them in a mixture of...
4 Eggs
About a Tbsp of Honey
Some mashed up Blueberries (I just used a fork)
A couple drops of pure Blueberry Extract (optional)
A generous dash of Cinnamon
A little bit-a Shredded Coconut (unsweetened is best)
& Whole Milk (until the mixture looks kinda creamy, but still thick; about 3/4c) (you can also use cream or half-n-half or 2% -- don't stress over this, it will taste fine!  uh, but if you use cream, reduce the amount, k?)

Then cook 'em in a pan over a very thin layer of Coconut Oil, until nice and golden-brown.

Top 'em off with unsweetened shredded coconut & blueberries (& whipped cream would also be the bomb)!

I cut them up in strips for the one-year-old for a mess-free finger food in the car (mostly).  The toddler ate them in whole slices (dry; no syrup; not needed; enough already with the semicolons).  It's quick to put together, simple, and a kid-pleaser!

Do you have a wholesome go-to breakfast meal that's convenient for a hurried morning, or breakfast in the car?  Please share! 


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