"Fort Smith Gems" Series Continues...(& SW Times' "Cool Deals")

As a native of a small town in Arkansas, the "big city" of Fort Smith never appealed to me.  I never imagined in a million years that I would reside there in my adult life!

It would be easy for me to feel bummed out about Fort Smith, I suppose.  It ain't so glamorous at first glance, it pales in comparison to popular places like San Francisco and Portland, and it sure doesn't help that it was rated #6 in America's 10 Most Miserable Places to Live!  Yikes!

But I have found that with a good attitude, and a little pride from its citizens, Fort Smith has a lot going for it actually, and there are lots of little "gems" tucked here and there if you go exploring a bit.

So I have become an optimistic explorer of my hometown.  It's not actually a "miserable" city.  It's what you make of it, and I find that there are an array of small businesses and fun events for my little family, and we like it here!  We have exciting small businesses, we have diversity, we have a fascinating (tourist-worthy) history, and hey, we're also rated #1 by Forbes for lowest cost of living.  I'll take it!

I'm excited to pick up this "series" again because my mental list of cool places in Fort Smith is constantly growing.  I've already talked about our local farmers' market, a fantastic produce joint, and our favorite Indian Restaurant (which we want to stay in business, so go eat there)! So I'm going to just jump right back in...

And today I'll go ahead and throw one at ya.  This "gem" comes through our regional paper "SouthWest Times," who offers a program called "Cool Deals," which operates much like Groupon.  Fort Smith isn't quite big enough to benefit from Groupon, so Cool Deals fills in that gap, and it is the bomb!

I'm able to afford entertainment (like the Monkey House for our kids) and great dining digs (like R&R Curry and Saki Downtown), getting way more bang for my buck, because of Cool Deals.  So now for $10 I can get $20-worth of Sushi, or for $6 I can take my kids to a bounce-around house that would typically cost double.  They bring offers to your inbox every other day, and they cover a variety of services like spa deals, oil changes, heating and air tune-ups, plumbing, restaurants, and nail packages.  That's just scratching the surface.

I'm a huge fan of this site!  Locals, have you joined the mailing list yet???

Disclaimer: I make my list based on how it appeals to me and my young family, and I am in no way partnering with any of these businesses; they are my own free opinions, and I am promoting them simply because I like them.


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