Menu in Review (#1)

I love the idea of menu planning.  Notice, I said I love the idea.  Executing the idea is complicated.

We are the Lodeses.  We are a busy family.  Not remarkably busy; I know everyone's busy, but we do entertain a lifestyle that is a bit all-over-the-place, and it's rare for us to spend one day like the last.  All-over-the-place lifestyles make planning with flexibility a must.

So whenever I "plan" a menu and, goodness gracious, go so far as to post it and make it public...I usually wind up ditching the plan for a hundred different reasons, and then I feel awkward that I blogged we would be having "Chicken Parmesan," but wound up actually eating leftover soup from the night before.  Thus I become burdened by this blog...and that's just silly.

That's why, this year, I'm going to try a "Menu in Review."  It's much easier for me to tell you what we had, than to put unnecessary pressure on myself to pop out a full-course dinner every night for the upcoming week, or else be a menu-planning liar (I shudder at the thought).

I'm doing this firstly so that I will have a log of meal ideas (for when I'm still secretly still "planning" a weekly menu behind the blogging scenes), and secondly, because I appreciate other bloggers' menu plans for when I'm in a meal rut, and I want to do the same for y'all!

And now 'cause you're dyin' to know, here's what we had this week (you might call this "Turkey Week"):

Dinner w/ My Family (Chicken Enchilada Soup)

Turkey Dinner!  
(my husband & like to buy turkeys on sale after the holidays and stash them in the freezer for busy weeks so we can eat off of a turkey all week)  This included: Roasted Whole Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Creamed Onions (freezer meal), Mashed Turnips (freezer meal), Peas & Corn, and of course Turkey Gravy!

Blueberry-Coconut French Toast for Breakfast; Leftover Turkey Dinner for Supper

Leftover Turkey Dinner 

Dinner Out w/ My Family

(I'm a novice at sushi-making, so if you're feeling adventurous, go for it!  If I can make it, you can too!  And the dressing tastes just like the stuff they serve at Japanese restaurants; I subbed Tahini for Miso Paste and it was equally uhmazin')

Turkey Soup (you guessed it - made from the turkey we had Monday)

So the moral to this menu?  Buy a large turkey when they're discounted after the holidays and save it in your freezer.  Work hard to make all the fixin's one evening of the week and then spend the next 6 evenings slaving over dinner by pushing the "start" button on your microwave (or "30 seconds," "30 seconds," "30 seconds" over and over like I do).

You're welcome.


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