January 29, 2014

Scrabble Magnets

When I saw "Scrabble Game Magnets" at ModCloth.com, I was imagining how fun it would be to have ongoing games on our fridge with our family, or with friends who visit, or to post fun messages.

For $13 it didn't seem worth it, especially when I realized the magnets were flat pliable pieces rather than the classic wooden tiles.  So I control-tabbed my way over to Craigslist real quick and found an old Scrabble game for $10.  I offered $4.  Sold.  A couple days later my brother and I stepped outside a restaurant in the cold where we were dining with my family; I got the text that the seller was "here" and we met outside the front door.  Done.

I'm seriously so maxed out for time these days, but this project was so simple.  I managed to do it this week while nursing our baby, and with our toddler by my side to "help" me.  He loved talking about all the letters and being able to stick magnet strips on them with me.  Mommy-craft-project, and bonding with son at the same time, is a win-win in my book; (nursing baby to sleep in the process is major bonus points).

For this project, I used:

That's it.

I just cut lots of squares and stuck them to the back of each magnet.  I love the way they look and it's so much fun posting little messages!

So if you see an old Scrabble game at a garage sale - nab it!  Besides the obvious game that you can play on your fridge, you can also leave messages, post your dinner menu, put names above chore charts, use them as learning tools for children, or even put them in a little jar with a tag to make a fun gift for someone else!

What would you do with your magnets?  Will you be making some of these?
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