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6 Practical Ways to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Women: ICM WK 4

Hello friend.  Well I have to admit...when I sat at the keys to type out this post, my mind blanked.  I myself am a victim of endless comparisons.  I am a woman who has the habit of plunging the roots of my identity into the dehydrated soils of "successes," "beauty," "intellect," "productivity," "popularity," "godliness" (ouch), "mothering skills," and many others. 
Each time I try to anchor myself there, desperately forming my identity from the dust - playing God... without fail I'm left parched, wilting, withered....fruitless.

So while I'm unworthy to advise you, I am on the journey in a very personal way, and the following are some things that help me personally to stop the game of comparisons:

6 Practical Ways to Combat Comparisons
1. Focus on Your Purpose
Let your goals direct you, not others'.  Let your standards regulate you, not others'.  (Try reading your mission statement).  Your friend; she…

Menu in Review (#4)

MONDAY Fettuccine w/ Peas, Shrimp, & Bacon Alfredo Recipe in a nutshell: Cook pasta according to the package.  Cook the bacon (about half a package), set aside to drain on a paper towel, and chop it up.  Drain some of the grease until there's about a 1/4" layer of grease left in the pan.  Using the remaining grease in the pan, saute half of a finely chopped onion and peeled/deveined shrimp. As the onions turn translucent and the shrimp becomes browned, add minced garlic (w/ a tablespoon of bacon grease or butter if necessary).  When the onions are tender, add cream (about a quart), salt/pepper to taste, as many frozen green peas as you like, and the chopped bacon.  Simmer for about 5-10 minutes.  The sauce will thicken when cooled.

TUESDAY Turkey Meatloaf w/ Roasted Brussel Sprouts & Sweet Potatoes
(yes, brussel sprouts!  with Ina Garten's recipe link there, you might become as addicted as I am)
I wrapped my meatloaf in bacon (that I didn't use on Monday), which …

Contentment (And 5 Ways to Transfer it to Our Children): ICM Wk 3

At the close of a four-month stint to India this Fall, we were taking one final walk through the dirty Delhi marketplace.  There among the dusty booths was a narrow "shop" filled with very cheap plastic toys; to our 3-year-old son Ian, it was the jackpot!  Ian's eyes lit up for an electric orange four-wheeler with a string that could be pulled to make it go.  It was his "favorite," and Daddy was the hero that day when he said "let's get it!" Fast-forward a few hours and we're in the airport; Ian is delighted with his four-wheeler, making sure it's with him at all times, even enduring a long 4-hour delay with ease, thanks to his new toy keeping him entertained.  He treasured that cheap plastic four-wheeler as if it were the only toy on earth.  Then we passed it - a very upscale toy store in the airport, and Ian was eager to go inside and look around.  We said it was fine, with the fair warning ahead that "we will only enjoy looking, b…

100 Library Books in 2014: Books 13-23

It's been another great week of library books here at the Queen.  I get bored very quickly with the books we have here at the house, especially with one in particular right now...Old MacDonald.  Oh dear.

You know how my 15-month-old was previously just eating and throwing the books?  Well now she adores them!  If I squat down to pick something up off the floor, suddenly there is a pig-tailed toddler backing into me full-force (usually I need to catch my balance to avoid falling over), book in hand, patting my leg to let me know that she'd like to sit in my lap and have a book read to her.

All the time.

And she loves having Old MacDonald read to her over and over and over, and I will....treasure this book someday when she's old.  

Soooo...library books.  The variety is fantastic, and the kids are thoroughly enjoying.  I am thrilled to see how this library book resolution has already given the kids (and me!!) a deeper appreciation for reading together.  It's even become…

1Corinthians13 Love Art: Happy Valentine's Day 2014

Regardless of how one feels about the Bible, I think its definition of love transcends all biases; it is pure and exemplary...

So much so that I am eternally challenged by it.

And that's why I want these verses in my face every day.  I want to see these words when I'm interacting with my family, whenever I enter back into our home after being out in the world full of unloved people, so I can think about how I'm treating others.

I also know that this kind of love is impossible without God.  It requires a heart abiding in Him.

"Did you learn to love?"  These words have haunted me...

Will I learn to love in this life?  I'm certainly learn-ing.  But, God, am I ever going to love all those people like you do?

Menu in Review (#3)

So I skipped a week, but we did eat, just nothing noteworthy since we were traveling to and fro (think cereal, sandwiches, and oatmeal!).  Then there was this past week, and my handsome amazing husband returned home (after being in Central America for almost 3 weeks - and I missed him!!), so there was a lot of good food on the table :)
MONDAY Penne Pasta w/ Peas, Shrimp, & Bacon Alfredo

TUESDAY Homemade Pizza

(My husband Tedd is from the Northeast where they make good pizza, and now transplanted to pizza-chain Arkansas, we've dubbed him the "pizza snob."  But not so with this dough recipe.  He gets so excited when I make this -- that's why it was his homecoming meal -- and he always gives the crust a good thump thump to see if it passes the Northeast crust test, and it always does!)
WEDNESDAY Chicken Lettuce Wraps
(I rarely follow a recipe to the T.  I usually don't have everything on hand, don't feel like pulling out measuring tools, and like to channel my…

Remain In Him: Intentional Christian Motherhood, Week 2


Develop A Personal Mission Statement: Intentional Christian Motherhood, Week 1

Welcome to the 1st post of the Intentional Christian Motherhood series!  To be a part of the discussion each week, join our Facebook group, and subscribe to this blog by e-mail (upper righthand corner there) to get each week's post in your inbox.  To read the intro to this series, check out this link.

Develop a Personal Mission Statement
I don’t know about you, but when I first read about “creating a personal mission statement,” it seemed like one of those activities for the Type-A woman who follows an hour-by-hour schedule, wears a business suit, and carries her resume around.A mission statement for little ole me seemed over-the-top and unnecessary.
Then I considered the importance of my role as a mother.I considered my goals and dreams, my identity, and what really mattered to me – and I realized I wanted those things in front of me during the times I felt distracted or disheartened.I wanted to see that vision in front of me whenever I felt stuck in a foggy cloud of sleepless nig…