100 Library Books in 2014: Books 1-12

I posted here about my New Year's goals - one being to read 100 library books to my wee ones.  This sounds like a lot, but it's not even one book a day, so it seemed very manageable.

I'm trying to make it a family habit to read every day to Ian & Nora.  During this season, Nora grabs books out of my hands while Ian hangs on every word, waiting patiently to see what's on the next page.  So we do some while Nors is awake, and some while she naps so that Ian can finish a book from beginning to end with me.

Here's the first stack from the library this week.  I'll be real with you; the kids got really excited about all of the stuffed animals and bean bags in the children's section and mostly played while I picked out books I knew Ian would enjoy.  When I tried to get them interested in picking out books, they both starting pulling books off of the shelves by the handful...so that led to a "discussion" about how the library people expect us to act.  And I just had to swoop up Nora and take her back to the toys.

All that to say...the library itself isn't quite the perfect atmosphere for us yet, but when we got home that evening with a pile of new books, it was magic.  Ian was immediately intrigued.

The winner this week?  Isaac the Ice Cream Truck

This little truck thinks that his role is a little silly and would like to be something more important, until a certain incident puts him in the spotlight.  Perfect for a young 3-yr-old who loves trucks and stories about the little guy being special.  We read it 4 times in a row the first day.  ("Again, Mommy?")

Twelve down, 88 to go!


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