100 Library Books in 2014: Books 13-23

It's been another great week of library books here at the Queen.  I get bored very quickly with the books we have here at the house, especially with one in particular right now...Old MacDonald.  Oh dear.

You know how my 15-month-old was previously just eating and throwing the books?  Well now she adores them!  If I squat down to pick something up off the floor, suddenly there is a pig-tailed toddler backing into me full-force (usually I need to catch my balance to avoid falling over), book in hand, patting my leg to let me know that she'd like to sit in my lap and have a book read to her.

All the time.

And she loves having Old MacDonald read to her over and over and over, and I will....treasure this book someday when she's old.  

Soooo...library books.  The variety is fantastic, and the kids are thoroughly enjoying.  I am thrilled to see how this library book resolution has already given the kids (and me!!) a deeper appreciation for reading together.  It's even become part of our routine lately -- breakfast, play while I clean up, and then reading time.  Who'da ever thought it?  Me.  With a routine?!

This week's winner?

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? by Jane Yolen

The illustrations are fantastic, and Ian likes to see the dinosaurs throw fits about going to bed, all to find out in the end that dinosaurs actually do not have bad attitudes about bedtime, but rather say goodnight with a kiss.  I think this book may have actually helped us with bedtime even, dare I say?  Ian doesn't complain so much when I tell him it's bedtime.  It kinda makes me want to buy all the other books in the series!!  Like How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?  Yay for good, erm, little? dinosaurs setting good examples!


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