Develop A Personal Mission Statement: Intentional Christian Motherhood, Week 1

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Develop a Personal Mission Statement

I don’t know about you, but when I first read about “creating a personal mission statement,” it seemed like one of those activities for the Type-A woman who follows an hour-by-hour schedule, wears a business suit, and carries her resume around.  A mission statement for little ole me seemed over-the-top and unnecessary.

Then I considered the importance of my role as a mother.  I considered my goals and dreams, my identity, and what really mattered to me – and I realized I wanted those things in front of me during the times I felt distracted or disheartened.  I wanted to see that vision in front of me whenever I felt stuck in a foggy cloud of sleepless nights, dirty laundry, and confusion about my identity as “mommy.”

Where are you going?  What’s your mission in life?  As a mother?

I read an e-book titled “Mission Statements for Moms” from the Inspired to Action Blog and found myself putting the final touches on my own personal mission statement at 5am after an all-nighter; it was like Opportunity met Desperation.  I needed focus, vision, resolve…because too often I felt defeated by temporary obstacles.  It was like all I could see were the frustrations and difficulties that blocked my immediate path, and I would quickly forget what it was all for, where this was all going, and what kind of harvest I desired to reap from my efforts.

What could you accomplish?  How could it make a difference in how you view the monotonous days, the busy days, the discouraging days?  If you had your goals for marriage, motherhood, and life - your mission – right there in front of you like a compass directing you through a tangled mess of busyness, responsibilities, hardships, and even “good” distractions?  By God’s grace, it has the potential to help us weed out the extra stuff in our lives and get down to business…to become the wife, mother, teacher, daughter, servant, disciple that we desire so badly to be.

God has plans for us; plans for His glory, plans for our good.  We’re in a world that quickly distracts us from fulfilling our God-designed purpose.  Satan desires for God’s children to be passive, apathetic, spiritually stagnant, and distracted from having any spiritual impact on those around us, especially our children, lest we pass on the love and reverence of God to the next generation. 

A mission statement isn’t the cure, but it is a start to naming our purpose as women of God and surrendering it to Christ so that, with His help, we can become what God created us to be. 

- Em

My Mission Statement:

By God’s power and grace, and through Jesus Christ, I will strive to have a full and authentic relationship with God by practicing obedience to His Word and giving him lordship over my life.  I will cultivate this relationship through the Bible, prayer, and worship.
I will love and respect my husband unconditionally, submitting to his leadership as he submits to Christ; I will be his helpmate, lover and friend; I will stay with him for life.
I will seek God’s wisdom, grace, and power in motherhood, and consistently cover my children in prayer.  I will love them unconditionally, serve them joyfully and sacrificially; I will teach them; I will delight in them.
I will regularly ask the Lord to transform my mind, setting my heart and thoughts on things above, and not on earthly things, so that I can prioritize and manage my relationships and activities through the filter of God’s will. 
I purpose to be a servant to others, to genuinely love people as God defines it, to “take up my cross” and abide in Christ, so that I may bear fruit for his Kingdom and be used for his glory. 
“Home” Work
If you have 10 minutes:

o   Read Kat’s condensed blog post on “How to Create A Mission Statement.” Begin sketching out a mission statement based on her tips and suggestions
If you have 30 minutes:

o   Download and read Kat’s free e-book “Mission Statements for Moms”(don’t let the word “book” scare you off – it’s a quick read).  Begin sketching out a mission statement based on her tips and suggestions. (PS: It used to be a clickable link, but now I think you have to request the file by giving Kat your e-mail address in the comments section)

o   Inspired?  Motivated?  Go ahead and write your mission statement!  Talk your statement-in-progress over with your spouse, friends, or mentor who might have some insight to help you perfect it.
A Tip or Two:
Be specific.  Try to avoid ambiguous adjectives like “totally,” “wonderful,” “amazing,” etc. because these words are difficult to measure and evaluate.

Don’t stress about making it poetic or profound, or even completely original.   Simply create something that speaks to you and clearly casts your vision!  This is for you and for your growth, so pray about it and enjoy!

Group Questions:
1.     How do you feel about making a personal mission statement?  Does it get you excited and inspired?  Do you think it can help you?
2.     Have you created a personal mission statement?  If so, would you share it with the group?
3.     Was there anything challenging in the process of creating a mission statement?
Once you finalize your mission statement, what will you do with it?  Where will you post it?


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