Menu in Review (#3)

So I skipped a week, but we did eat, just nothing noteworthy since we were traveling to and fro (think cereal, sandwiches, and oatmeal!).  Then there was this past week, and my handsome amazing husband returned home (after being in Central America for almost 3 weeks - and I missed him!!), so there was a lot of good food on the table :)
Making snow ice cream on a very snowy Sunday afternoon
Penne Pasta w/ Peas, Shrimp, & Bacon Alfredo

Homemade Pizza

(My husband Tedd is from the Northeast where they make good pizza, and now transplanted to pizza-chain Arkansas, we've dubbed him the "pizza snob."  But not so with this dough recipe.  He gets so excited when I make this -- that's why it was his homecoming meal -- and he always gives the crust a good thump thump to see if it passes the Northeast crust test, and it always does!)

Chicken Lettuce Wraps
(I rarely follow a recipe to the T.  I usually don't have everything on hand, don't feel like pulling out measuring tools, and like to channel my inner iron chef.  But with that said, I rarely start from nothing;  I began my Lettuce Wrap adventure here).

Freezer Meal Pasta Bake
(I just love it when I have a meal waiting for myself in the freezer!  Thank you, Self!)

Date Night!!
We went to Sake using a Cool Deals coupon

Joe's Pizza to celebrate my dad's birthday
(Also the only pizza restaurant in Fort Smith that The Pizza Snob approves of; anyway, I had salmon :)

Pork Chops with Peas, Rolls (leftover from Joe's on Saturday), & Salad

I also made Homemade Ranch (adapted from Pioneer Woman's recipe) and I will never go back!!


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