Your Children - Blessing or Burden? (PLUS A GIVEAWAY!!): ICM WK 5

A blessing, of COURSE!  That's what you're thinking, right?  I did too.  But as Erin Davis points out in her fantastic book Beyond Bath Time, sometimes the way we talk to and about our children communicates otherwise...
I love being a mom, but I haven’t always felt this way. Many days the tasks of mothering seem so cumbersome that I feel weighed down. I don’t say, “My children are such a burden!” But those feelings are revealed in my words and actions:
  • When I regularly lose my cool with my kids and justify it by pointing the finger back at them.
  • When I gripe about being up all night, the latest troubling behavior I have to retrain, or the fact that I can’t even go to the bathroom alone.
  • When I use the word “overwhelmed” to describe my life more often than I use words like “blessed, happy, or fulfilling.”
  • When my husband comes in the door and I announce I am “off duty” because I cannot handle one more minute with the kids.
  • When I let my mind dwell on all the bummers that come with children instead of choosing to think about the blessings only motherhood can give.

Can you relate to any of those statements from Erin's book?

I felt the pang of conviction while I read through Erin's chapter titled "Blessing or Burden?" because I can easily slip into the habit of venting my "mommy frustrations" out on my husband during the day and forget what that communicates to little listening ears.

It was a graceful reminder that my children are blessings from God, and how vital it is for my words and actions to proclaim that to them as a part of my sacred role.

So I'm gonna keep this short this week, that way you have time to read Erin's chapter, which she has generously offered for free through my blog (thanks, Davises!).

CLICK HERE to get the PDF file of "Chapter 7 - Blessing or Burden?"

But WAIT, there's more!  
Erin has also given me three copies of Beyond Bath Time to give away to three lucky readers!  This book is a perfect read for moms who want to explore their role as a mother through the lens of God's Word in an age that tends to make motherhood less than sacred.  For a chance to win, sign in below! The only mandatory entry is to leave a comment telling me how you let your kids know they are a blessing!

(Edit: Because of the contest program I'm using, several people didn't leave the "mandatory comment," so I'm revoking the "mandatory" part and letting everyone who participates (comment or no comment) be in the running.  I don't want to leave all those folks out!)


  1. I try to give my full attention when my children are talking to me, and take time to play the things they enjoy! Lots of hugs and kisses too! :)

  2. I struggle with everything on that list.............but I try to let my kids know they are a blessing by giving them loads of hugs and kisses and tickles, and telling them I am thankful for them or proud of them when they exemplify wisdom or strong character.

    1. Lauren, I struggle with those too!! I like how you mentioned just telling them out loud that we're thankful for them.


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