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Do You Have a Mentor? ICM Wk 10

Hi fellow momma friends!

We're just a couple posts away from finishing the Intentional Christian Motherhoodseries, and they're gonna be good!  To start the final three, I want to introduce you to a wonderful Christian lady, Marcia Scott.  
Marcia is a woman I've been around in a number of settings as my husband & I are friends with her kids and daughter-in-law.  She's admirable to me not only because of her godly reputation, but because of the fruit I see in her kids' lives and how they testify to her parenting.
She's a woman I wanted to hear from about the topic of Titus 2 (verses 4 & 5 in particular), the mentoring equation between younger mothers and older mothers.  She was kind enough to write a "guest post" to share with us here today, and I hope you will be as encouraged and challenged as I am by her words.  This post is for the seasoned and newbie mothers alike!

So What Do We Do with Titus 2?
Paul instructed Titus to “set in order what rema…

Worshipping God through Motherhood: ICM WK 9

Hi friend!  So I'm wrapping up a big design project this week, thusly my posts have been short and sweet, but this topic has been on my heart...
My friend recently mentioned how even by giving our babies a clean diaper and warm clothes, we are worshipping God.It was a statement in passing, but it has really stuck with me.
Changing a baby's diaper, or doing a load of laundry for your family may not feel like worship.  But it can be.
What if, in the most mundane of things, we acknowledged the Lord and said to Him, "Lord, take my small act of worship, and make it fruitful..."
"Lord, You have given me this task, help me to do it with excellence..."
"Father, You are worthy of my best in all circumstances.  I will do this job with joy and a thankful heart..."
Wouldn't it change so much?
So this week, Momma, choose to worship the Lord even (and especially) through the small things. When you change a diaper...
When you change the bed sheets, soaked with urine.…

If You're Reading, Could You Do Me A Big Favor?

Hi there.  

I'll keep this pretty simple and sweet, but if you're reading my blog for the first time, or if you happen to read often, or every now and then...

I would really like to know who you are.  

Even if you think I already know you read my blog (Mom, Grammy -- holla), I still wanna hear from you.

As I've done some thinking this past year about the goals of my blog, how long this will continue, and what purpose it has, I've discovered that one of the next steps is to get to know my "readers."  

I want to put names and faces to the numbers.

I've gotten over the fact that my blog isn't meant to be big or popular, and I'm honing in on how I could make my blog more impactful and more purposeful.  Where I'd like to begin is getting to know the people who really read this blog.  Those of you who I could get in touch with by e-mail.

So could you do me a big favor?  

Could you take a couple minutes to leave a comment here and tell me who you are?  What …

Rain or Shine; "You Control the Weather": ICM WK 8

Today I want to share with you a nice simple read titled "Mindset for Moms," by Jamie C. Martin.  

Jamie's tagline on her book is "From Mundane to Marvelous Thinking..."

If we're honest, motherhood has its disappointments and demands that can cause us to spiral downhill very quickly if we don't keep our perspective in check.  This book gently addresses those negative thoughts and encourages moms to keep a positive attitude.  

I tend to be a "realist" (some people call that a "pessimist"), so this book had several points that helped me see things in a different light.  Some of the chapters include: "Want What You Have," "Survive (and Thrive) as an Introverted Mom," and "Conquer the Myth of Not Enough Time."
Another chapter of Jamie's book is titled "You Control the Weather."  

Well, yesterday, friends, I made it rain at our house.  

We're in the middle of an attic project, which means a…