If You're Reading, Could You Do Me A Big Favor?

Hi there.  

I'll keep this pretty simple and sweet, but if you're reading my blog for the first time, or if you happen to read often, or every now and then...

I would really like to know who you are.  

Even if you think I already know you read my blog (Mom, Grammy -- holla), I still wanna hear from you.

As I've done some thinking this past year about the goals of my blog, how long this will continue, and what purpose it has, I've discovered that one of the next steps is to get to know my "readers."  

I want to put names and faces to the numbers.

I've gotten over the fact that my blog isn't meant to be big or popular, and I'm honing in on how I could make my blog more impactful and more purposeful.  Where I'd like to begin is getting to know the people who really read this blog.  Those of you who I could get in touch with by e-mail.

So could you do me a big favor?  

Could you take a couple minutes to leave a comment here and tell me who you are?  What do you do, what are you into, what matters to you?  Can we be friends?  :)

If you're not into leaving comments, then send me an e-mail.

Can't wait to hear from you!!

(A special shout out to Trina Holden, whose book "More Than Numbers" I stumbled upon while on my why-am-I-blogging journey, and who inspired this post). 


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