Rain or Shine; "You Control the Weather": ICM WK 8

Today I want to share with you a nice simple read titled "Mindset for Moms," by Jamie C. Martin.  

Jamie's tagline on her book is "From Mundane to Marvelous Thinking..."

If we're honest, motherhood has its disappointments and demands that can cause us to spiral downhill very quickly if we don't keep our perspective in check.  This book gently addresses those negative thoughts and encourages moms to keep a positive attitude.  

I tend to be a "realist" (some people call that a "pessimist"), so this book had several points that helped me see things in a different light.  Some of the chapters include: "Want What You Have," "Survive (and Thrive) as an Introverted Mom," and "Conquer the Myth of Not Enough Time."

Another chapter of Jamie's book is titled "You Control the Weather."  

Well, yesterday, friends, I made it rain at our house.  

We're in the middle of an attic project, which means all those dirty boxes in the attic are now staring me in the face - in our hallways, in our office, in our bathroom - begging to be organized.  And then there's all the dust that comes with ripping out sheetrock and insulation.  Then there are all the extra projects I have going, with what seems like an impossible schedule to squeeze them into, and a cranky tired toddler to top it off.  You get the picture.

Am I the only one that feels frozen sometimes by all of the tasks that lay before me?  It gets so overwhelming at times, I let my anxiety take the wheel, and one little thing, like say a dish...

...a dish that was balanced on the tippy top of the mountain of clean dishes in the drying rack...

...that was slowly falling while I had another soapy dish occupying my hands...

...so I tried to awkwardly catch it with my foot...

...but feet can't catch things very well, so the dish shatters all over the floor...

...and it's not the dish itself, but it's the straw that breaks this camel's back, that causes me to stomp and scream like a mad woman...

(and then I worried if the neighbors heard me)

...it's that dish that causes me to cave and lose my perspective.  

And I watched for the next hour how my "terrible horrible no good very bad" attitude affected every member of my household until our home was feeling like anything but a peaceful haven.

I had to stop.  Cuddle.  Ask for forgiveness. Pray.  And request to start over.

And the clouds parted, the birds were singing, and the sun began to share its comforting rays once again.

See what Jamie says about controlling the weather in your home:
When we roll out of bed in the morning, we have no idea what lies ahead that day.  In the midst of the challenges that come our way, we have the opportunity to take a moment and visualize who our kids really are deep inside.  Their behavior may try to convince us otherwise, but we will know the truth.  We will know that our responses have the power to escalate or de-escalate every situation.  We will choose to heal instead of humiliate.  We will control the weather.
I also recommend this book because it has one to two pages of reading per chapter, so it's concise and very bite-sized for busy moms, and it has some really great quotes throughout that are perfect for mothers.  I don't benefit in any way from your purchasing the book, it's just a recommendation from one friend to another :)  

It's $5 here for a digital copy, so skip a trip to Starbucks and benefit from this good read!

And remember, Momma, that you control the weather today in your home.  Share a little Springtime!


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