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Menu in Review (#6)

Posting our menu for last week:
Sunday: Dinner w/ my Family My mom served Baked Chicken Thighs with Brown Rice and Salad, dressed with delicious garlic-balsamic dressing.  Mmmm!
Monday:  Chickpea Curry w/ Rice

Tuesday:  Dinner at a Friend's House (We had lasagna w/ green beans & big salads)
Wednesday:  Dinner at a Church Event (they served Roast Beef w/ Mashed Potatoes & Sides) 
Thursday:  Lasagna (w/o eggplant or pesto) Garlic-Cheese Bread Salad w/ Homemade Kefir Ranch (recipe coming soon for that one)
Bonus: I had a "mom's helper" over this afternoon and made four freezer meals for later (taco meat & baked meatballs) while she played outside with the kids!
Friday:  Pad Thai (make sure you have the tamarind paste & fish sauce -- Asian market; I omitted the spicy stuff for the kids' sake)
Saturday:  leftovers
Sunday:  Picnic in the Park w/ our church & a graduation party following
Our picnic lunch included: Caprese Salad Deviled Eggs Fruit & Frozen Peas

Announcing Baby #3

13 weeks along and expecting a little brother or sister near Thanksgiving 2014!

Paying Attention to Your Kids (Because It’s Hard to be Intentional When You’re Ignoring Them): ICM WK 11

So remember Marcia Scott who shared some great thoughts with us last week about having a mentor?  Well this week, I want to introduce you to her daughter-in-law, Lauren.  

I have always admired Lauren's writing - her thoughts and her wisdom - and best of all, her honesty.  She and her husband's sister (yes, another Scott) used to write a blog; you can find some really thought-provoking articles there in the archives.  

I asked Lauren to chime in on the topic of Intentional Motherhood as well, asking her to write about some thing the Lord is currently working in her heart in relation to being a mom.  And despite her extremely busy schedule (she's a mom of 2 young boys and in the middle of a big move), she was so gracious to share the following with us.  

((I had the privilege of reading this earlier this week, and her thoughts and words have been playing over and over in my mind as I interact with my children.  See what you think.))

Paying Attention to Your Kids
When Emily asked…