Five on Friday

So my friend Brittney posts "Friday Five" on her blog, Razorback Britt, and I just love it!  She links up with Five on Friday at "The Good Life" blog, and the basic idea is to post any 5 things you want each Friday.  

I'm jumping in because a huge part of blogging for me is just journaling about what's happening in my life and in my brain. 

So here goes.  My first "Five on Friday."


Did you hear we're having a third baby?!  I'm already 15 weeks along and feeling pretty fantastic, with the big fat exception of veins.  Yes, veins.  

If you see me this summer in Arkansas, and it's 100+ degrees, and I'm outside wearing jeans and close-toed shoes...hand me an ice-cold lemonade and give me a hug, would ya? I'm stuck wearing compression stockings each day to keep the pain and bulging under control (I have a 3D map of the Himalayan mountain range running down my right thigh).  

I'm sure my neighbors think I'm pretty strange, wearing my gym shorts with black knee-high stockings and Toms to take out the trash. 

See y'all (next summer?), Shorts and Flip-Flops! :( (*tear)


With the pregnancy hormones at full force during the first trimester, my face broke out like Junior High, and nothing seemed to help.  

I found Wellness Mama's oil-cleansing method and ordered some Hazelnut Oil right away to make my own oil blend.  I can't say my skin has the clear angelic glow that I was going for, BUT the results after two weeks are already significant.  Blackheads are minimized (some gone altogether!), and the stubborn breakout zones on my chin and forehead became instantly less-inflamed and are now disappearing!!  

((I'm still optimistically hoping for that angel skin I've always dreamed of after continuing with the oil-cleansing method!  We'll see.))


Speaking of oil.  I made Wellness Mama's organic lotion bars recently as well, to keep the chemically stuff off Norsy-girl's skin.  I used mango butter and lavender oil, and while it's a little stickier than I'd like, it smells amazing and makes our skin silky soft.

I also knocked out Wellness Mama's healthy homemade jello and homemade gummies recipes this week after reading about the benefits of gelatin in our diets and wanting to fulfill a Jell-O craving (without actually having to eat the boxed stuff).


My husband & I completed our 7th Anniversary last week!  We celebrated with a very unconventional anniversary dinner - an accepted invitation to a business party at The Rib Room, with a great live band and a buffet of ribs, BBQ beans, and coleslaw.  Preggo here was one happy lady, sippin' Sprite and heaping up seconds on my plate; I didn't hold back on the ribs!  We even scored take-home boxes after the party was over.  It was fun and we hired a babysitter, so it was like a legit date for us!


Brittney at Razorback Britt also has a cool list of "30 Before 30" that has gotten me thinking.  I'm 28 this what kind of stuff do I hope to accomplish or try out in the next few years?  I'm formulating a list of my own now for fun.  Maybe it'll show up on my blog at some point?

Do you have a bucket list or a 30 before 30 type list?  Please share a few to give me some ideas!

PS: Yes, this makes #6 (don't care :) You have to check out my friend Sarah's blog and her post about "a day in the life" with her two under two.  So funny (& so close to home)!


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