Five Things on Friday: Father's Day Interview with Ian & 2 Free Printables!

Hey pals!  'Been a good week here.  How's your week been so far?  

Here are my five random things on Friday...except for it's late Saturday night.  Ah well...that's just my blogging style for this season ;) 

One of my favorite kid-related activities is interviewing Ian and logging the funny things he says.  
I saw an idea on Pinterest via BestActivitiesforKids to ask some questions about Daddy for Father's Day (their printable here) and felt inspired to draft one of my own.

Here's a free printable with the list of the questions I used for my questionnaire if you're looking for a thoughtful (very) last-minute activity (click the pic for a large printable image). I chose a Super Dad theme since superheroes are all the rage these days :)

And here's a free printable from a couple years ago that you can use for a card or tags
One of my favorites from our interview? "My daddy looks like a big man and a big handy fellow." lol

One of my summer-time goals is to help Ian memorize some Bible verses.  Honestly, it's helpful for me too since I'm pretty awful at memorizing Scripture long term.  After browsing the 'net, I came to these four verses that I think are simple (and meaningful) for a three-year-old to memorize.  

As a general rule, I avoid rewarding my kids with candy/prizes for stuff they do, but this has been one exception because I wanted Ian to see that working hard at something, with perseverance and patience in the process, can yield rewards.  And because, really, he needed some motivation.  He's three.
In this case, whenever he can tell me the verse perfectly (including the reference), I give him a star.  Once he's successfully memorized/recited all four verses, he'll get a "helicopter shooter thingy."  (At least that's what we call it; it propels little spinning discs into the air.  $3.  Boom). 
    • Proverbs 30:5 (Every word of God proves true)
    • Deut. 6:5 (Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength)
    • Psalm 19:1 (The Heavens declare the glory of God)
    • Matthew 22:39 (Love your neighbor as yourself)

    We're spending our summer in different parts of the country and I have a summer fun list planned for the kids.  I'm also brainstorming some ideas for "serving others" that they (especially Mr. Three-year-old) can get involved in to balance out the mix of fun-centered activities.  ((Let me know if you have some good ideas for toddlers to introduce them to helping others)).  

    Some ideas that come to mind include:

    • Writing letters to (and drawing pictures for) friends and family members, and to those who may need a special note of encouragement.
    • Baking something special together for neighbors or someone who could use a visit.
    • Going through old toys or clothing and separating some items to donate, using it as a teachable moment to talk about giving to others.
    • Get the kids involved with the shopping list and pick up items for a local charity to donate (in Fort Smith, the Children's Emergency Shelter has a needs list, for example).  Most charities are just a phone call away and would likely welcome anyone willing to donate supplies!

    Wild Things Farm near our home has a blueberry field that's just a few sunny days away from being ready for picking!  Just last month we loaded up with strawberries and it was fabulous!

    Wild Things Farm (or "WTF" as I like to call it in my texts to friends; I know, I'm so crazy :) will definitely be making the Fort Smith Gems list, because of its short distance from our city, their great produce and homemade goods, and all the quaint activities they have to offer to families.  Maybe there'll be a post featuring WTF after we go filling our buckets with blueberries next weekend!

    Speaking of fruit...after about 4 years of living at the Queen, the Average-Looking Tree in our driveway produced little round fruits.  We didn't know Average-Looking Tree was a fruit tree of any sort, we commented to each other.  These can't be what we think they are.  But because of their striking resemblance to apricots, we finally popped one in our mouths, and we couldn't believe how much they tasted just. like. apricots!

    We finally pinched ourselves and realized that it wasn't a dream, and they weren't apricot-looking persimmons, but that we had a bonafide, lovely, apricot tree in our back yard.  Yesssssss!

    So some years, depending on Fort Smith's Winter and the Spring frosts, we get apricots.  This year I prayed with Ian that our apricot tree would produce, and wouldn't ya know it's our best crop yet!

    I'm sure there's a lesson therein - a spiritual analogy - going from purposeless to glorious when there is presence of fruit.


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