June 3, 2014

Healthy Homemade Gummies (Blueberry/Cherry)

I've become a huge fan of Wellness Mama's Blog.  

While we're not a "paleo" family, I do my best to incorporate healthy changes into our diet a little at a time, and I generally strive to make most of our foods from scratch to avoid unnecessary preservatives, dyes, chemicals, and additives -- which are the kinds of recipes that Wellness Mama posts.  

I don't typically buy my kids pre-packaged snacks that have a long list of indecipherable ingredients, and gummies fall in that category; so I was pretty pleased to find this healthy gummies recipe that I could make at home with whole ingredients.

((As a huge plus, I'm enthused about the benefits of gelatin and hoping that regularly making/eating more gelatin-rich foods will be beneficial to my family's health.))

Some of my notes:

  • I purchased the really good gelatin on Amazon that Wellness Mama recommends in her recipe.  I felt better about using a very pure gelatin, to ensure we'd be getting the full spectrum of the health benefits it has to offer.  
  • We used teddy bear, dinosaur, and robot silicone candy trays (I didn't mind spending the money on these since they are multi-purpose and I'm positive we'll be using them; jello, ice cubes, frozen juice, play-dough molds, etc.)
  • I recommend using a fork to whisk the gelatin with the water.  I used a whisk and the gelatin formed a ball in the center of the whisk that was difficult to get out.
  • You have to work very quickly.  I made the mistake of getting my three-year-old involved in stirring while I got the trays ready, and when I turned around, the mixture had turned into a giant hard gelatin clump.  After reading the comments later on, this was a common problem for people and they trashed it.  In the moment, I quickly boiled another quarter cup of water and used an immersion blender to bring it back to liquid form.  It worked like a charm and our gummies were saved!
  • I used organic cherry juice (which I've been sipping with seltzer water whenever I have a soda craving during this pregnancy) and pureed frozen blueberries (defrosted) as my fruit flavors.  A delicious and sweet combo.
  • She calls for honey in the recipe.  Use it!  If you omit it, the results will probably be unappealing.  I'll probably even add another tablespoon or two more next time I make these.
  • The end results were very pretty and felt like very firm jello (pretty rubbery), not quite gooey like the gummies I grew up eating, but they are still a fantastic substitute! (Bonus: they don't get stuck in your teeth).
  • Lastly, my kids gobbled these up as if they were candy (and they aren't nearly as sweet as store-bought gummies).  A big hit, and a treat I can feel good about.

See Wellness Mama's gummy recipe here!

Will you be trying these?  

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