5 Things Friday: Baby on the Brain

In less than a week I go in for our gender ultrasound at 20 weeks - the halfway point.  We like to find out ahead, and are just as excited as ever to know what baby #3 is.

The Gender Reveal Plan: I'll go by myself to have the ultrasound, will ask the technician to place "boy" or "girl" into an envelope to keep it a secret, and then take the hidden results to Confectionately Yours - the same bakery that created our four-tiered cheesecake wedding cake in 2007 - for a slice of cheesecake (blueberry? strawberry?) and ask them to place the reveal into an opaque box so I can take the results home to hubby for our own little "gender reveal party." 

I seriously have NO inkling of a gut feeling of which sex this baby might be.  I was so sure "girl" in the beginning, and then I realized that every time I thought of the baby or pictured it in my mind, I was picturing a boy.  As usual, all the signs and symptoms point to mixed results.  The Chinese calendar gender predictor says it's a girl; my jalapeño and banana pepper cravings point to boy.  Some nachos with jalapeños sound so good right now....


Speaking of pregnancy and babies, my brother-in-law and his wife are pregnant with their first and we are so thrilled!!  To make the news even more exciting, our due dates are within days of each other!  Thanksgiving 2014 will probably be a very memorable one for all of us.

You might get a kick out of their baby announcement.  They're both reporters/anchors for a news station in San Francisco and shared their "breaking news" on television this week!  Check out their video here.


And just a little more about pregnancy.  I'm almost done, really.  A very sweet friend of mine gave me some really nice handmade gifts this week, one of which was a huge bag of herbal tea mix for pregnancy and post-partum called "NORA tea," (so appropriate :).  It's a mixture of nettles, oatstraw, raspberry leaf, and alfalfa, and has a huge list of benefits for a pregnant momma. 

"It smells a little like fresh cut grass while it steeps," said my friend, being kind to warn me that it can be a little off-putting.  But I gotta tell ya, I really like this stuff!  Especially with a little bit of honey and iced cold; I'm so psyched about all of it's nutritional potency and beneficial properties.  I think I may add this to some of my baby shower gift bags for my friends in the future!


I schlepped the kids to the Oklahoma Aquarium this week, with two coupons in hand, and got in half-price (boom).  Nora was excited about even the most boring of fish.  

We also made it out to the Kids Discovery Lab in Tulsa last Friday and had a blast.  I was so impressed with the place - gigantic building blocks, tunnels and slides made of packaging tape, a jungle of rope swings, and a slew of educational activities that were so fun for the kids they had no idea they were learning.  Definitely a place I want to revisit each summer when we're in Tulsa.


Has anyone noticed that the final post in the Intentional Motherhood Series has not yet appeared?  I promised twelve posts, and there are eleven.  I just can't seem to commit to the final topic.  I juggle a few topics in my head each week and never feel like it's the right one.  I think I'm just waiting for that right theme - one to wrap it all up - one that I can write with heart and soul.  So while I wait for that moment of inspiration to arrive, I'm giving myself permission to do just that.  Wait.  Until then, yes, there's one more post lacking, but I haven't forgotten!


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