5 Things on SATURday - & Gender Reveal!

Hello blog friends!  It looks like my last post was mid-July!!  That's...almost 3 months ago.  

I don't have any grand excuses for being MIA on my blog, except that I had other stuff that took the top of the priority list.  This blog is more of a hobby for me - I don't take it too seriously - so I felt like I could do that.  

However, my Grammy keeps reminding me that I told y'all we had a pending gender reveal, and then I never shared with you what we're having!

So...since I couldn't quite finish my 5 things Friday last night, I'm going with a "5 Things on Saturday" - and it looks like I've got about 18 more minutes before Saturday is over!  How about I start off with a gender reveal? 

Number 1:
We're expecting a GIRL!!!  

Tedd met me at the doctor's office to watch the ultrasound (even came a sweaty mess from his worksite) and we asked the technician to put the results in an envelope.  We went our separate ways for the afternoon, Tedd going back to work and I heading to the bakery.  I'd pre-arranged for the staff to put strawberries on the cheesecake I'd ordered if my results showed "girl," or blueberries for "boy."  I handed them my sealed envelope and waited.  They were giddy as they handed me the box - lid still on. 

Tedd and I arranged to open our cake that evening and this is what we found...

Nora doesn't yet understand really what's going on.  She knows I'm having a baby, but the talk of a little sister isn't quite registering (she's not yet 2).  Ian, on the other hand, with lips quivering said, "but...I thought it was going to be a bwrother." We all expressed excitement over his getting to be a big brother of TWO sisters - like a superhero brother - and he was quickly on board.  

Number 2:
I'm 33 weeks now and feeling pretty great.  I feel like I'm officially in big ole pregnant lady stage though - grunting and groaning every time I bend over to pick something up, or lift a toddler into a shopping cart. 

I won a free mini session with a local photographer - Lamb & Meadow - and plan to do maternity photos next week.  I'm feeling a little nervous!  I'm not a big hair/makeup girl, and so un-photogenic, so I'm hoping this girl can work her magic!  

Number 3:
I'm going to start an Etsy shop!  There.  I said it.  I typed it and I guess that means it's really happening. 

I've dreamed of selling my artwork for years, but have always been lacking direction or confidence to go forward.  My mind is still going in a million directions - from printable graphics and stationary to nursery artwork to wooden pallet art - but lately I've been having a blast painting wooden signs on our old 1895 attic floor boards we removed this Spring.  Talk about old salvaged wood, right?!

I made several for fun and sold them within a couple days after posting them to Facebook; that gave me just the confirmation I needed to go ahead and step out there and put some on Etsy.  I'm still a little all-over-the-place with the things I'd like to make and sell, but for now I have a little direction and it's very exciting and fun for me - so I'm diving in!

Number 4:
Our church family is going through a series on having a "Quiet Time."  As a Bible-belt girl, I have all kinds of mixed emotions that go with the phrase "Quiet Time," but at this point in my life, I can forget some of the baggage stuff and take away the good. 

The bottom line is that I need to spend time with God like I need to eat food and drink water every day.  If I'm serious about my faith - and I sure wanna be! - reading the Bible daily and intentional time spent in prayer with God is critical, necessary, and a non-option.

I'm praying for this to become a habit again in my life that is as natural as brushing my teeth before bed, or putting away the dishes, or sleeping at night.

I'm in a BSF class this year (and SOOOO thankful I finally joined!!!), so my quiet time consists of a study on Moses that follows along with my class, then a slow digesting/note-taking of Romans (personal reading), and I'm supplementing a bit with ScriptureTyper.com, a really cool tool for memorizing Scripture.  Especially if you enjoy speed-typing, goal-setting, and beating personal records as motivation.

Number 5:
still a work in progress...but so much brighter!
We're redoing our living room, finally changing out all the dark hand-me-down furniture.  It was great furniture, but the room was saturated and dark, dark, dark.  For many reasons, the decorating process in our renovated home has been as slow as molasses, but I went into nesting mode this past month and did a complete "makeover." 

I'm pretty pleased since we Craigslisted all the furniture, bought the lamp at Target w/ a 25% discount, and got the rug 60% off at RugsUSA.com (they're always having a sale.  This is our second rug from RugsUSA and I'm really happy with it, considering the bang-for-my-buck factor!

Next tasks on the list for the living room: 
  • find an old trunk for a coffee table
  • decide on shelving/storage for toys and audio equipment
  • build a mantel/fireplace surround (& I'm painting it navy blue, yes I am!)
  • get some stuff hung on the walls for pete's sake! 
  • and create firewood storage


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