October 30, 2014

5 Things on THURSday & My Etsy Shop Debut!

I just don't follow these blog rules, do I?  Friday is Halloween, and I pretty much have nothing Halloweeny to write about, so I thought I'd post my "five things" early this week :)  ESPECIALLY because I'm excited to announce that...

Number 1:
I actually started an Etsy shop!  I can't believe it!  I've always been too insecure to jump in and do it, but I'm finally ready to pursue that little dream that took root many years ago.  I'm starting with baby steps, but I still have big dreams and new ideas, so the journey has begun and I'll just see where the path leads.

I had the hardest time figuring out what to call my "shop," and after a long while of thinking it over (and a name or two having already been taken), I've decided on "Emily Shares The Shop."  

Lame maybe?  Practical?  Just right?  I haven't totally decided.  I've had other names to think about lately...like a name for sweet baby #3!  (Which may remain a secret until her birth day?)  

So here's the link to the new shop!  I hope some of you will go check it out and let me know what you think!! 

Number 2:
I received a request for a custom piece - a Pottery Barn knock-off of a huge USA pallet.  Our neighbor had some old fencing set out by the street and it was perfect for this project.  My husband made a really sweet pallet (no simple task!!), we projected the image onto it, traced it out with chalk, and got to painting.  We sanded and distressed it, and sanded some more, and then topped the map with some antique wax.  It was a big project, but very satisfying to see the final result!

Number 3:

Time for a quick share on how I do "my braid."  This has become my go-to hairdo on busy days where I a) don't have time to style/blow-dry my hair all the way or b) need to feel put together FAST.  It's also great for that borderline yucky hair day.  You know, right?  The day where you don't reeeeally need to wash it, but it isn't fresh enough to wear down.  So, now that I've had a few friends ask me how I do it, I thought I'd go ahead and share.  It's seriously very easy (aka: my lazy do) and I'm surprised how many compliments I get on it!  

So just to keep it real, I'm not wearing makeup in this photo and I've never fully embraced my schnoz (no profile pics, please!) but I'm gonna be brave here and go with it! 

This braid is super simple.  Start with a deep part above your forehead and begin a "Dutch Braid."  A Dutch Braid is simply a French Braid, but reverse - meaning you weave the strands of hair under the middle strand (instead of over), adding strands of hair as you braid (like the French Braid).  I pull the hair around from the other side of my head to add into the braid as I make my way down.  By the time I get to my ears, I've added most of my loose hair into the dutch braid, so I just finish off with a plain braid.  You can probably google "Dutch braid on side" or something to find a video. :)

Number 4:
This week I bought my first pack of newborn diapers and all the newborn clothing is in the wash as I type.  Since Nora was born 10 days early, I'm keeping in mind that this baby could be coming as soon as 3 weeks from now! 

Baby girl is head down and I'm a bit dilated, so things are moving right along.  I'm 36 weeks on Saturday!  I think we may have finally decided on a first name, but the middle name is still in the running.

Number 5:
Today we had a simple, but fun little "Apple Taste-Testing Party."  I sliced up each apple (the rest of the slices went into a big fridge container for later), and arranged them on a plate with their labels.  

My toddlers didn't seem to notice the difference :) go figure!  But my favorites were "Honeycrisp" (that perfect Autumn smell/flavor - like cider or apple juice or a fall candle), then "Jazz" (tangy sweet), and "Ambrosia" (almost flowery, like a perfume).  The worst in my book was Red Delicious. 

Have a Happy Halloween tomorrow, friends!!  G'night!
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