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On My Due-Date's Eve...

Tonight is my due-date's eve for baby #3.

I am antsy, eager, yet peaceful, excited, in awe.  What a miracle to be ripe with child.  A privilege and a gift.  These final days and hours are so sacred.  I believe God has known this baby's birth-day since He created the world, and perhaps the angels are amused as they watch her big moment draw nigh.

A soul.  Created one.  Cherished.  Chosen.  Intentionally placed, designed, formed.

My soul rejoices in God as I am given the honor of participating in His supernatural work!

Tonight, on my due date's eve, I will breathe deeply of the miracle, savor the beauty of hosting a little life within my body, and delight in the waiting.

What I Packed in My Hospital Bag (The DETAILED List) -- PLUS FREE PRINTABLES!

So my due date is in a few days, and pretty much all I can think about is when I'm going to go into labor.  What an exciting time!  It's like waiting for a surprise to come at any moment, and you just have to be ready.  

We were completely prepared for a water birth at home with our first, wound up having a C-Section with baby #1, and then a VBAC with baby #2; and the second's birth required 3+ days in the hospital after delivery. 

After having a sampler of some different birthing experiences, I feel like I'm more prepared than ever with baby #3 when it comes to having my bags packed.

But I wasn't about to claim to know it all, so I researched a bit and asked around - including a poll on my Facebook wall, and I gathered some great tips!  (Thanks, friends!!)

So here goes.  Here's what I've packed in my hospital bag (in detail):  

{For Labor}
Aromatherapy Heat Wrap & "Hot Water Bag" - The Heat Wrap is a microwaveable wrap full of herbs and grains used…

Six Things on Sunday (& Giveaway Announcement)

Alright, so this is getting ridiculous.  I seem to post my "Five on Friday" posts on every day except Friday.  Ooooooh well.  

For two Fridays in a row, I just got too busy with raising toddlers and cooking meals and so on, that I missed my chance to post, so now I have plenty of things to write about and I'm just gonna write about 'em today :)  Six on Sunday.  Ready?

{One} I'm running a giveaway on my Facebook page today!  
Would you take a sec to go "like" my page & enter the contest??  You could win this Merry Christmas sign (above), along with your choice of an original art printable that's listed in my Etsy shopfor you AND two friends!
I carefully hand-lettered each one with Sharpie earlier this week, then scanned them to make digital art printables - only $3 for a high-quality download!  You get the file in your inbox and you can print them out on nice cardstock to display in your home or to give as a simple/thoughtful gift. I think this one wo…