Six Things on Sunday (& Giveaway Announcement)

Alright, so this is getting ridiculous.  I seem to post my "Five on Friday" posts on every day except Friday.  Ooooooh well.  

For two Fridays in a row, I just got too busy with raising toddlers and cooking meals and so on, that I missed my chance to post, so now I have plenty of things to write about and I'm just gonna write about 'em today :)  Six on Sunday.  Ready?

I'm running a giveaway on my Facebook page today!  

Would you take a sec to go "like" my page & enter the contest??  You could win this Merry Christmas sign (above), along with your choice of an original art printable that's listed in my Etsy shop for you AND two friends! 

I carefully hand-lettered each one with Sharpie earlier this week, then scanned them to make digital art printables - only $3 for a high-quality download!  You get the file in your inbox and you can print them out on nice cardstock to display in your home or to give as a simple/thoughtful gift.
I think this one would look great with Thanksgiving decor!

And this one for Christmas!

I am 39 weeks pregnant!!  I had Nora (our second-born) 10 days before her due date, but I'm only 6 days away from our due date with this little gal and still no action.  It's so exciting to think just any day now...and that God already knows the day.  I just have to wait, ready for the surprise!

It reminds me so much of the second coming of Christ and the parable of the women with their lamps (Matthew 25).  I've heard that old Jewish wedding customs included waiting for the bridegroom to appear, but there was not necessarily a set time, so the bridal party had to be ready and prepared for the groom to arrive at any moment.

Here I am, knowing the approximate time of our baby's arrival, still going on with our normal life each day, but simultaneously anticipating her joyous reveal.  I have bags packed, I have a plan for our toddlers, there's food in the freezer, I'm keeping my legs shaved (hey, labor's rough - at least my legs can be shaved (and toenails painted))....

It makes me ponder the similarities.  I'm not sitting around twiddling my thumbs while I wait for my baby, but she's a constant in the back of my mind -- I'm eagerly expecting her arrival.  Do I go on living life, but with an expectancy, with a readiness, for Christ's return - His glorious reveal?

So speaking of preparation for baby's arrival, here's my bag.  I feel like I've learned a thing or two after having two babies (one C-Section, one VBAC), in regards to a family's needs after giving birth.

With our first, I was planning to be at home, so our hospital bag was there in case of an emergency, but pitifully stocked.  

With our second, I did better, and learned which things were "necessities" (like a Boppy pillow; sure, for nursing it's great, but for a sore mother, that U-shaped pillow is a blessing to your bottom to sit upon)!

So here goes round three!  ((I'm gonna share a separate article later this week (I hope) of what exactly I've got packed since it's a little long for this post)).

Have you had this yogurt?  I've only managed to find it stocked in one store out of about 5 different grocery stores I've visited over the past few months, so it may be tough to find, but I can't get enough!  I could easily replace ice cream with this goodness. Just sharing as a friend - go eat this!

I'm far from a Pinterest mom, but we did get out some paints and construction paper one night this week and made some turkeys.  
(Boom.  There.  Mom points scored.  Now who wants to watch Netflix?)

Whenever they make cute stuff, I like to display it, but our fridge doesn't need any more visual clutter, so I made this thing...
It literally took maybe an hour 1/2 of my time.  Staple gun, burlap, t-shirt transfer, jute rope, and some clothespins...done.  The t-shirt transfer didn't do so well on the textured burlap, and I had to go in and fix it with a Sharpie, so frankly it looks a little "goobery" (a word I use with my toddlers that makes perfect sense to me).  BUT, it works for us and I still think it's cute.  

My kids are happy their art is displayed, and it makes things feel a little more like a home around here.

Something else I'm excited to share with you: these precious felt flower headbands from the Enchanted Bow Shop!  This shop was recommended to me by a friend of the owner, and I was quickly "enchanted" by her adorable headbands and crowns!!

I bought these for baby C and have them packed in that hospital bag I was mentioning earlier.  
The best part?  Shop owner - Amy - and I are planning to do a little giveaway on my blog after the baby is born!  I'm soooo excited and can't wait for one of you dear gals to win one of her beautiful products.  Just in time for Christmas :)  

So until next Friday, friends...(or maybe next Saturday or Sunday or three Fridays from now?)  Thanks for reading!!

Don't forget!  My Facebook Page giveaway for the Merry Christmas sign and printables is going on right now - take a sec to enter for you and your friends!


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