Friday 5: Braids, Instagram, New Art, & Tandem Nursing

Happy Friday!  Today I want to begin by sharing with you two of my current favorite Instagram profiles!


Firstly, BRAIDS!!  

Now that my hair is long and straight, I intend to experiment with more exciting braids in the coming months, especially with all the great tutorials and inspiration from Annie's Forget-Me-Knots.  They're so classy and lovely!

Every other year for six years, I've grown out my hair and donated to Locks of Love (see before-and-afters).  However, this May, when I would normally cut my hair, I opted to let my hair keep growing instead, and I've resisted the temptation to get it layered and styled so I can have good "braiding hair."  


Then there's SixOneSis, a really solid Instagram feed that I follow because of her encouragement for women, specifically singles and wives, focusing on sexual purity and marriage.  It's good stuff!


I listed two new printables in my Etsy shop this week.  These were hand-drawn with Sharpies, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. 


Did you know I "tandem nurse"?  Yes....I do.

It's so hippy, I know. Maybe you don't know what that is?  I didn't either.  I would've thought you were weird if you had told me you "tandem nursed" just a few years ago. I may have even thought you meant you were a nurse who worked alongside another nurse? 

But...yea...I've crossed over to the weird side.  So there's a blog post coming that's all about how I'm continuing to nurse my two-year-old, while also nursing our infant.


I'm taking a Modern Calligraphy class in March and I'm soooooo excited!!  If you're in Fort Smith, you may consider signing up!!  There are currently only 3 spots left, or you could attend the class this Sunday in Fayetteville.

And that's all for today, friends!  Hope you have a fantastic Friday and a special weekend with friends/family!  



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