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"So What Happened to Your Blog?"

I just checked my blog, and I see that my last post was February of this year.  That's about 8 months ago.  That's getting a little close to a year without posting, and that seems to shout "I'm done," doesn't it?  

Does this mean I'm done?

May I say that I don't know?

I never decided one day to stop writing.  In fact, I have about a dozen really hearty posts saved to my drafts folder, ready to be tuned and edited and prayed over.  So it's not so much that I have nothing I care for to write about, or that I don't love writing anymore.

It's just my time is so precious to me; you understand, don't you, dear reader?

And these three little babes, and this sacred little "No.4" being knitted together, and all this life and these lessons that come alongside, and all within these 5 fleeting years that have passed before me...I see how desperately I want to manage "my" time for the glory of my God, and just how precious e…