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Rosemary's Birth Story

Thankfully, my birth story with dear little Rosemary isn't incredibly eventful, but it was miraculous and thrilling all the same.

Around 11PM on Saturday, April 9th (3 days after our due date), I began noticing that my random Braxton Hicks contractions were beginning to feel a little sharper.  I didn't give it much thought, but I texted my parents, asking them to keep their phones turned up -- juuuuust in case.

Earlier that day, I had informed my friends that I might be pregnant for a very long time, since there was practically zero sign of activity and my doctor's appointment showed very little progress.  My doctor and I were discussing options and plans, should the pregnancy go another week (it seemed very plausible).

So after texting my parents, I experience another contraction...and another...and another.  They're like 3 minutes apart.  I start texting my husband (who's only downstairs, but hey, he was working).  "There's another..." "There&…